1. Meeting at Parmenter-Payne News
Jessica Parmenter-Payne is the proud owner of Parmenter-Payne News Conglomerate. She runs five publications, each one housed on a different floor of Parmenter-Payne House. As she likes to keep her finger on the pulse and her editors on their toes, each week she drops in for a meeting, unannounced. Using the clues, can you work out, for each publication, the name of the editor, the floor they inhabit, and the day Jessica will visit them that particular week?
  1. Even though the editor on the fourth floor publication, The Daily Galaxy Gazette, would have much preferred it, he did not receive a Friday visit from Jessica.
  2. Jo is in charge of a very busy office on the 3rd floor.
  3. Callie resented being interrupted during her team briefing on Monday, just to discuss her latest sales figures with Jessica. Jessica did not have to travel to the 5th floor to meet with Callie and their meeting was not at the offices of Sport Spread.
  4. Former lawyer Lou is the editor of Crime & Courts Weekly. Jessica did not visit him on Thursday, when she visited the publication with offices on the 2nd floor.
  5. Jessica visited Parmenter-Payne Pages on Wednesday and talked at length with the editor, who is not Hollie.
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Editor Day of visit Floor
Jo Brad Callie Lou Hollie Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Publication The Daily Galaxy Gazette
The Deep Debater
Sport Spread
Crime & Courts Weekly
Parmenter-Payne Pages
Floor 1st
Day of visit Monday
clear grid

Publication Editor Day of visit Floor
The Daily Galaxy Gazette
The Deep Debater
Sport Spread
Crime & Courts Weekly
Parmenter-Payne Pages

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